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Since 1992, Flaming Fingers Word Processing has been providing audio and video transcription, proofreading, and formatting. We have transcribed documentaries, conferences, advisory board meetings, interviews, investigators’ reports, immigration and refugee hearings, focus groups, webcasts, podcasts, marketing videos, product release videos, road shows and many other types of recordings. We have formatted manuals, books, screenplays (in Final Draft as well as MS Word), business plans, CVs, product data sheets, contracts, NDAs, leases, plus many others. We also have certified court transcriptionists and excellent French transcriptionists on our team. Look no further than Flaming Fingers Word Processing for experience, knowledge, first-class skill and service!


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Melissa Polidori

Marketing Mackenzie Investments

"We regularly use Flaming Fingers as a main service for Transcription as we rely on their quick and accurate response to our requests to transcribe English and French content".

Sara Angel, Executive Director and Founder

The Art Canada Institute

“Flaming Fingers does excellent work and offers fast turnarounds. The company is courteous, professional, and always a delight to work with. You could not ask for a more reliable service.”


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