Transcription can be expensive, especially if you have several hours of recordings.  It is time consuming.  A very poor recording of only one hour can take up to 8 hours to transcribe.  And the ability to hear what is said and put exactly that in text is not something everyone can do well.  We do it very well!

Please get in touch with us for a quote.  We will ask you if the recording is good quality, how many speakers there are, if you want ums and uhs and time codes (and how often you want them inserted), if you want speaker identification and what kind of turnaround time you’d like.  We will give you a quote very quickly once we know these things.

Although we charge by the hour of transcription time, we can also give you a per-minute-of-recording rate.

One thing you should know, though:  You’ll get the best transcript we can give you and if we feel you will not get that, we will tell you immediately.

We’re also happy to give you tips on how to make good recordings.


For formatting of documents, we need to see what the document looks like before we can quote. We have worked on documents that had a ton of section breaks and frames that had to be removed and hence took a long time to format, and documents that needed simple styles set up, line spacing changed and a table of contents generated.

Closed Captioning Cost

$4.75 per minute of recording and minimum charges may apply. The rush rate is $7.00 per minute of recording. We can provide VTT or SRT files.

Turnaround Time

This depends on how much time you can give us, how many hours of recording you have or how long formatting your document will take, and how busy we are. There are a few of us, however, and more people can be added if necessary. We will do everything we can to meet your deadline. We are very good at juggling our workload to accommodate everyone’s requests.

Note that the turnaround time for closed captioning and French transcription will have to be discussed as the people that take care of these services are extremely busy.

It is possible to get a one-hour recording transcribed in 24 hours without paying the rush cost if the recording is good quality.

Get started

With the above in mind, tell us on the contact form as much as you can about what you have and need, or call 416-524-2902 or email ffwp@flamingfingers.com us with same. We’re also very nice to speak to on the phone.

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