The cost of transcription is an important factor, for sure.  We get that.  If you have several hours of recording, transcription can get expensive.

While we are not the least expensive service, nor are we the highest, and the old adage “you get what you pay for” most definitely comes into play when considering paying for transcription.

The things that increase transcription time are accents (some are harder to understand than others), background noise (even an air conditioner humming along can overpower voices), whispering, cross-talking, interruptions of “yeah”, “okay,” “mm-hm” while someone else is talking, mumbling, speaking fast, saying “um” a lot, paper shuffling, touching the microphone and adding time codes, especially frequent time codes.

Because of these factors, we charge by the hour.  Of course, we can have per-minute rates that cover all scenarios, but simplicity is the way we chose to go.  And let me assure you, you will get the best representation of what is recorded that is possible to get!  We do take the time to replay parts that we can’t hear and we even will ask others in the office to listen in the hopes that they understand what is being said.  To ensure it’s the best representation, we proofread every transcript before we send it to you.  So, you see, you get what you pay for!

Of course, you can ask us to exclude words or summarize things and we will do that.  We will offer the service of trying to improve the sound as well, but if there is a lot of background noise and hiss, we can only do so much.

We can also listen to one of your recordings and give you a quote, we can transcribe one of your recordings and give you a quote, or tell us what you want and what the recordings are like and we’ll give you a quote based on what you tell us.  If we find the transcription will take longer, once we hear the recordings, we will let you know right away.  Likewise, if we find transcription time will be less, we will tell you right away.

So what’s the bottom line?  Call or email us and tell us what you need.  We’ll answer your questions and give you a quote very quickly.

Thanks for reading.