Word Processing Services in Toronto (Canada)

What Is Word Processing?

Word processing encompasses typing and formatting. Maybe you have a paper copy of a document and would like to have it put on the computer so you can make changes to it yourself or be able to keep it for longer. We can put it on the computer for you and lay it out exactly as you would like.

Maybe you have a document that needs formatting but you don’t know how to do that or you don’t have the time. It can be a time-consuming task. Formatting includes things like numbering, bulleting, columns, tables, horizontal/vertical bars, line numbering, shading, boxes, styles and more. Styles are used when you want the sections to look the same throughout the document. Legal firms use this function. It’s very handy if you have a long document and don’t want to have to apply the same formatting each and every time. You just set up one section with all the formatting you want and name it a specific style and then apply that style to each section thereafter. It’s quite simple and saves many steps.

You can either email, post, bring in person or courier anything you wish us to take care of.

Documents we have typed or formatted are:

Flaming Fingers word processing services offers top quality, professional word processing to fulfill your office needs and keep your business humming along without interruption. Whether you need to clear a serious backlog of work or are facing hard and fast deadlines that won’t wait, we are the tried and true word processing professionals you can count on. We know the value of first-rate documents and the competitive edge they can provide in today’s survival-of-the-fittest business environment. As such, we approach every job no matter how large or small with the seriousness and attention to detail it deserves.

Flaming Fingers Word Processing Services: The Professional Edge

A professionally formatted business document grabs the attention of the recipient the moment it’s opened. When charts, graphs, infographics and more are thoughtfully designed and presented in just the right measure they create a quality document that is more than just the sum of its parts. We understand this and you’ll see our thoughtful approach in everything we do for you including:

  • Business reports
  • Important correspondence
  • Contracts
  • Proposals
  • Business plans
  • Theses
  • Resumes/CVs
  • Copy typing
  • and more

If you just don’t have the time or staff to handle all your straight-up typing needs, Flaming Fingers word processing services can fill that void for you as well. But that’s not all. If you have work that has already been completed but is lacking a certain professional polish, give it to us and watch what happens. Our word processing pros can:

  • Update and revamp documents that contain outdated information
  • Redesign and reformat your documents to add polish and flair
  • Impose linguistic and visual consistency across a range of existing documents

The quality of your business documents says a lot about your company. To ensure the message your documents are sending is the one you want others to receive, you need to ensure the company you trust to handle your word processing services is one with a proven track record and a slew of satisfied customers. Flaming Fingers word processing services is Toronto’s leading word processing and transcription service not because we spend a lot of money on advertising, but because our work does our advertising for us.

Many of our clients are repeat customers because they know the quality of our work will reflect well on their business and that’s what it’s all about: us making you look good. They depend on us to fill this often mundane but vital role and know they can trust us to get the job done day after day, project after project. If we haven’t convinced you yet to try Flaming Fingers, then consider these other advantages to letting our team handle your word processing needs:

  • Guaranteed security for your sensitive information
  • Up-to-date technology and familiarity with multiple delivery platforms
  • Significant cost savings when compared to in-house staff
  • A commitment to comprehensive customer care

You can be assured of the accuracy and reliability of relevant data within each document while appreciating the polished, easily understood wording, correct grammar and supporting graphic components that are both informative and attractive.

Today’s fast-paced business environment requires timely, affordable, reliable word processing services that empower your organization to establish and maintain a competitive edge. If you’re using high-paid secretarial staff to prepare your business documents or handle your day-to-day word processing needs, chances are you’re wasting money. Contact the word processing pros at Flaming Fingers in Toronto today and retake control of your company’s word processing workload. You’ll be glad you did.

Flaming Fingers is rated as one of the best and most trustworthy transcribing companies in Toronto and throughout Canada.

Contact us today to inquire about our reliable and affordable word processing services. Based out of Toronto, we’ve served hundreds of clients throughout Canada.