What is a Manuscript Typist?

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October 2, 2018
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What is a Manuscript Typist?


Screenwriters, novelists, attorneys, and businesses have tumultuous amounts of handwritten documents. However, not everyone has the patience, time, or skills to interpret handwritten files or rough typewritten drafts. Typing manuscripts for authors are just one of the many tasks of a manuscript typist. But what is a manuscript typist? What do they do? And how can they add value to your business?

The Handwritten Manuscript

Let’s say you are a writer or attorney with stacks of rough typewritten or handwritten pages that you need to present. A manuscript typist is an expert at typing manuscripts for authors and screenwriters, interpreting badly scrawled notes for attorneys, and making almost any chicken scratch into a legible professional document. They also help with older archival and historical documents.


A manuscript typist will prepare your manuscript in a variety of formats, from TV scripts to articles to legal documents. This is invaluable for businesses and individuals that have to follow very strict formatting guidelines. For example, professional screenwriters and attorneys will find this service saves them both time and money.


A newer service of manuscript typists today is encryption and privacy. With hacking and cybersecurity, a prime concern in modern society, having this additional safety and security is necessary for every client. Confidentiality and privacy are absolutely key today.

Cost of a Professional Service

The costs for transcribing handwritten typed and archival manuscripts varies. Cost is determined based on the quality of the materials submitted as well as how many pages need to be transcribed. Services typically charge by the hour. Choose a quality professional service with a proven track record. Call to get an estimate. They will help you find the best service to meet your needs, as well as give you detailed instructions on how to properly prepare your documents for transcription. Save yourself significant money and time with the help of an experienced manuscript typing service.


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