Transcription & formatting services – Moving to St. Catharines, Ontario

We’re happy to announce that we’re taking Flaming Fingers Word Processing to St. Catharines, Ontario and we’re very excited about it! We’ll be there and ready to service you on February 7, 2022. St. Catharines is beautiful. It has lots of parks, beautiful churches and schools and it’s close to Niagara Falls! Our new phone number is 416-524-2902. Call or email us ( if you need a fantastic transcription and formatting service!

For instance, did you know that we can transcribe iPhone recordings? The quality of these recordings is usually pretty good. Just make sure the phone is nearest the person you want to capture. We just completed transcribing a whole bunch of interviews for a professor. So interesting! I learned a lot about an area I knew little of. Soon a client from long ago will send us their office manual to format. It’s really great when clients come back because it tells us we did a good enough job for them to do so. In the queue right now is a manuscript. It’s well written, but in handwriting, so we’re putting it in the old Word format. I hope the client finds a literary agent to represent him.

So, a manual, a screenplay, a manuscript, focus groups, meetings, a trial, a marketing video – we transcribe them all!

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