Video Transcription Services vs. Doing it In-House

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July 29, 2016
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Video Transcription Services vs. Doing it In-House

Companies that often need to transcribe video files have a choice to make:  deal with the whole process in-house or outsource it to a team of professionals. The consequences of this choice could be far-reaching so it is important to ensure that you make the right one. To help you choose, we have written down some thoughts about each option and we hope that, having read them, you will be able to make the best decision for your organization.

Do You Really Need to Use Video Transcription Services?

The main question that you need to answer, in order to make your choice a simple one, is whether you really need outside help. If not, the obvious solution is to take care of the transcription in-house. To answer this question, consider the importance of the following factors to your company.

  • Accuracy – If you just need a rough idea of what was said on a video file, you can probably safely leave the transcribing to a member of staff who happens to have some time on his or her hands. However, if accuracy is very important, finding a reputable company that offers a professional service will be the best solution.
  • Speed – How quickly you need the work done is another important factor that will influence your decision. A professional transcriptionist with many years of experience will be able to work at a much faster rate than an employee who has never done such work in the past. Furthermore, a professional will be able to maintain a fast pace without compromising on accuracy.
  • Convenience – While you may have an employee who is free to do the work right now, you need to consider whether they will be free the next time that a video needs to be transcribed. Using a company that specializes in audio and video transcription services could be the more convenient option if handling it in-house is going to interfere with your other business activities in the future.
  • Cost – Whether it will be cheaper to have the work done by an employee or an outside agency will depend on the seniority of the employee in question. You certainly don’t want to take a highly paid worker away from their normal responsibilities if you can have the work completed more economically by hiring a firm that provides video transcription services at competitive rates.

In the majority of cases, it is easier to let a professional team take care of your video transcribing needs as they will have the necessary skills and experience to do the work quickly and competently. If you are still not sure what to do and you would like to discuss the implications of each choice, please do not hesitate to call us. We provide professional video transcription services to companies and organizations of all sizes and would be more than happy to help you decide which option is the right one for you to take.

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