Transcription Services in Toronto (Canada)

What Is Transcription?

According to The Merriam-Webster Dictionary, transcription is defined as the act or process of making a written, printed or typed copy of words that have been spoken.

We can transcribe the following types of files into a Microsoft Word document:

MOV, MP3, DCT, WAV, AAC, WMA, VOB, MP4, MPEG and some others.

We can also record conference calls into a digital format that can then be transcribed. Simply provide us the phone number and pass code to access the conference call and we’ll transcribe it and give you the Word document.

Getting something transcribed is as simple as sending us the recordings (more on how to do this below) and telling us what to transcribe. Some clients wish to have verbatim transcription (inclusion of um, uh etc.); some wish only answers included; some ask us to correct grammar. Whatever you would like captured is what we’ll transcribe. We will also set up the Word document however you wish.

Time codes can be added to the transcript as well. These can help you locate specific things in the text. Just tell us how often you want time codes entered.

Recordings can be sent to us via courier, via personal delivery, via online file transfer programs such as Hightail or WeTransfer or via FTP. Some of these programs allow you to send, for free, a certain size of file. Depending on size, files can even be emailed to us. Many clients provide us with a username and password to access files that are on their website. Please let us know if we can help you with this step.

It is time consuming and more expensive to transcribe recordings with background noises (some recording devices pick up air conditioners), accents, cross-talking, speakers too far from the microphone or conversations on phones and on Skype. As we charge by the hour, it’s best if recordings are as good as they can be. Regarding accents, if the speakers are loud enough and speak at a reasonable pace and if there is little background noise, they won’t necessarily increase transcription time.

Examples of what we have transcribed

Flaming Fingers transcription services provides businesses, institutions and individuals with the most reliable, affordable, accountable transcription available. We save you time and money and improve your overall efficiency by allowing you to make the transcription process a predictable, affordable aspect of your business instead of a disruptive, expensive one. Our transcription services are available on a one-time basis, a part-time basis or a full-time contract basis. Each of these options will result in substantial reductions in overhead for you as you are relieved of the ancillary costs associated with hiring additional staff.


The Many Benefits of Flaming Fingers Transcription Services Canada

Progress can often be difficult to quantify but when you assess the benefits of outsourcing your transcription work to Flaming Fingers you will see how we can provide a tangible push to your business that can help make the difference in today’s challenging environment. Our transcription services are ideal for…

  • Conference Calls, Road Shows, Town Halls – Several of our clients have us transcribe conference calls that were recorded by phone companies. They provide us the phone number and passcodes and we transcribe the calls. For years we have been transcribing road shows for our financial industry clients. And town halls, piece of cake. See, we’re really good at transcribing anything that has a lot of participants. If they’re audible, we’ll type what they say. And if they’re not audible, we’ll suggest ways to handle that.
  • TV and Film – Flaming Fingers is the go-to choice for TV and radio journalists, documentary filmmakers and a plethora of other media professionals in Canada and elsewhere who rely on fast, accurate transcription of interviews, news reports and breaking events regardless of where they are sourced. Our turnaround times and accuracy are unmatched and we take pride in the role we play in delivering important information to the public.
  • Law Enforcement – Like the medical and legal professions, law enforcement requires transcriptionists to pay scrupulous attention to detail and observe the highest degrees of confidentiality. While budgets at every level of government are coming under the knife, law enforcement’s need for accurate, secure transcription has perhaps never been greater. At Flaming Fingers, we help fill the gap between need and funding.
  • Businesses Large and Small – As a North American business, we understand the fundamental shifts that have enveloped the business environment here over the recent decades. And while things continue to change at breakneck speed here in Toronto, in Canada and in the larger world beyond we continue to adapt along with you to meet the challenges of today while preparing for the changes of tomorrow. One thing we haven’t lost in the rush to find the new business paradigm is our commitment to customer satisfaction and service.

Flaming Fingers of Toronto Canada helps companies bring the often troublesome issue of timely, accurate transcription under control. With Flaming Fingers on your side you will:

  • Have more time to focus on your core business concerns
  • Tailor the use of our service to fit your needs
  • Save on hiring additional staff
  • Save wear and tear on your in-house office equipment
  • See the difference our experienced, talented transcriptionists can make

Being able to anticipate the needs of our clients is a strength resulting from years of experience in transcription services. When important changes occur that could impact the transcription services industry, as well as our clients, we’re never taken by surprise or forced to play catch-up. When you entrust your transcription needs to Flaming Fingers you will see for yourself the high level of quality and genuine customer service we provide that keeps so many of our customers coming back.

Flaming Fingers is rated as one of the best and most trustworthy transcribing companies in Toronto and throughout Canada.

Contact us today to inquire about our transcription services. We’re based out of Toronto and have served hundreds of clients throughout Canada.