Transcribing Companies in Canada

Video Transcription Services in Toronto
October 17, 2015

Transcribing Companies in Canada

Businesses and institutions rise and fall on the accuracy of the information they have at their disposal. Doctors, lawyers and law enforcement professionals have traditionally been the ones that require transcribing companies to take care of their transcription needs, but anything that is recorded can be transcribed. At Flaming Fingers of Toronto we know that choosing the right transcription service to fulfill your company’s needs can seem like a daunting task but there are ways to minimize the confusion and arrive at a choice that makes sense for you.
Navigating the Minefield of Transcribing Companies

The simplest way to determine the quality of a transcription company is to ask some or all of the following questions before you send them your sensitive voice mails, interviews, court proceedings or investigative materials.

  • Who will be handling the actual transcription? – Is the transcriptionist experienced? What are the various things they’ve transcribed?
  • Do they have experience in the field? – Medical or legal training of some kind or firsthand experience in the business world is often crucial to accurate transcriptions. Many discount transcribing companies will employ nearly anyone who can speak some level of English and type at an average rate.
  • Where will the transcription work be done? – If you send your important work to a company in Canada will the work then be forwarded to an office in New Delhi? It’s important to know.
  • Is English the first language of the transcriber? – Even if the work is forwarded to a non-English speaking country, if the transcriptionist is a native English speaker (think expat), you may wind up with quality transcription. But it’s important to know that up front.
  • Are there specific file types required? – Some transcribing companies are more versatile than others. If a prospective company insists on a certain type of file to work from it may indicate a fly-by-night organization or someone unfamiliar with present-day technology.
  • What about quality control? – Does the work get proofread by anyone? Who? What are their qualifications? Make sure you get answers not evasion.
  • Will the final product be searchable? – One of the main reasons for transcribing things is to make the information easily accessible to various members of the organization. If the final product is not searchable what’s the point?
  • What about confidentiality? – Is the transcriptionist familiar with Western standards of confidentiality and have they signed or will they sign a confidentiality agreement? This is critical if you’re working with medical or legal information.
  • What is the cost? – Keep in mind that some transcription companies can impose fees if the quality of the audio or video file makes it difficult to understand. These and other fees can add up quickly so you need to know in advance everything that may end up on your final bill.


Interviewing transcribing companies, whether in Canada or elsewhere, is the common-sense way to establish a reasonable level of certainty that the company can live up to the promises of its promotional materials. The dedicated professionals at Flaming Fingers of Toronto will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our service and the people that will transcribe your recordings. We’re proud of our hard-earned, 22-year reputation and the people that work here reflect our commitment to the highest standards in the transcription industry.

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