Transcripts, transcription, typing ideas

Here are some ideas for transcripts, transcription and typing.

You are writing a book or you wrote a book and need it typed and formatted.

You are creating podcasts and need the transcripts from them.

You are recording focus groups and need the transcripts so you can find specific information.

Someone you know wants their memoirs laid out in a nice way.

You have certain things to say to your members or clients and want those things recorded.

You have to interview people for your research project and need to see what was said.

Your script needs to be typed or formatted.

Your company’s manual is out of date and needs to be retyped and formatted.

And these days you can send recordings from your iPhone and we can transcribe them.

Last year, we entered product information in tables and after that was finished we put the product details on the client’s website.

You need a list of contact information put in Excel.

You have surveillance recordings and need the transcripts.

There are many more reasons to use our services. Call us and let us know what you would like help with. After 30 years in business, there aren’t too many things we haven’t typed!

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