The lesser-known benefits of using a video transcription service

More and more people are discovering that transcription is an invaluable ally in the quest to make the most of their video content. Here are a few examples of why that is:

  • Text files are searchable – When you’re watching a video and want to find the place where someone made a particular point, your only option is to click around. Even time stamps aren’t a very effective way to find exactly what you’re after. When you transcribe the video, you can search for a keyword which will take you to the exact place you’re searching for in a split second.
  • Transcription lets you re-purpose video content – A video is a video is a video. Unless of course you transcribe it. Once you do, the content of that video can be re-purposed into web pages, blog posts, emails, promotional materials and even referenced in other videos. Transcription allows you to get the most out of your video content.
  • Transcription lets you use video content to aid in your SEO efforts – You can have the greatest, most informative video ever made on your website but Google’s bots can’t search it. As such, it won’t help in your SEO efforts. However, if you transcribe that video and use the information to create blog posts, Google will scan those posts and your transcribed video content will help boost your organic search results page ranking.

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