The Importance of Post Production Transcription for Filmmakers

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February 8, 2018
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The Importance of Post Production Transcription for Filmmakers

If there’s one lesson new filmmakers learn in a hurry it’s this: you can never have enough information about your project. When engaged in post-production filmmakers need to know who says what, when they say it, what the scene is, whether that scene calls for any special effects and so on. Editing itself is extremely time consuming, especially if you have to keep guessing exactly what each actor says in each take. Post production transcription is the ideal way to cut through the clutter and keep your production on schedule.

Make the Most of Your Film Script: Toronto Post Production Transcription

Sifting through mountains of takes during the editing process can be migraine inducing. But it doesn’t have to be if you use post production transcription from Flaming Fingers. Here are some of the ways post production transcription can benefit your TV or film script in Toronto.

  • Finding the right take – Often times directors will call for a dozen or more takes of a certain shot. Buried in all that footage is the one take they thought hit the nail on the head. If all takes are transcribed then finding that one take is just a matter of doing a keyword search. Without transcription you need to sift through every take to find what you’re looking for.
  • Producing captions – Most productions aimed at a wide audience will need captions. These are typically in the native language of the film and are intended to help the hearing impaired. Captioning from the film itself is an arduous, labour intensive process. By comparison transcriptions make the process of captioning a cost-effective walk in the park.
  • Translating the film – Creating foreign language subtitles for your project is another expensive, time consuming process if you’re working directly from the film itself. The translators have to keep listening to the scene over and over again to make sure they heard things correctly so that the subtitles are accurate. When the translators work from transcriptions the whole process is much faster and cheaper.
  • Cutting the final product down to size – Even after you have what you believe to be the perfect film or TV show chances are the studio, theatres or TV stations will ask that the project be further cut to accommodate their projected time slots. The timecodes in the transcription allow you to easily find those pieces of the project that can be sacrificed without the final product suffering.

Don’t Settle for Less

Post production transcription will help you keep your film or TV project on schedule and within budget. There are few other things you will find yourself relying on as much as the transcriptions when crunch time approaches. Make sure you have the best, most complete, most accurate transcriptions possible by hiring the company more GTA film and video production houses trust over any other for their transcription services: Flaming Fingers. We help you get the most of your film script in Toronto, or wherever your production is based.

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