The Importance of a Medical Transcriptionist Being Accurate

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January 31, 2018
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The Importance of a Medical Transcriptionist Being Accurate

Accuracy is important no matter what is being transcribed, but in the medical industry, it could mean life and death. Doctors often prefer to make voice recordings about a patient’s condition and history because this is quicker and easier than to write down the information for all the patients they see. They then solely rely on these notes to decide on treatments. And for this reason, the task of a medical transcriptionist is extremely important. Let’s take a look at more details as to why accuracy is important in medical transcriptions.

  1. Ensuring the right treatment

If a medical transcriptionist makes mistakes in transcriptions it could lead to misinterpretations and the wrong treatment for patients. Needless to say, that could be extremely dangerous to the health of the patient.

  1. Lawsuits Follow

The problem usually doesn’t end when treatment is changed and the patient is recovering, or when a doctor apologises for more serious damage. Cases like these usually end up in court, costing a fortune and often costing doctors their license to practice. (Of course, the medical transcriptionist’s job and the service provider’s reputation is also on the line.)

  1. Medical Transcriptions provide physical history

Medical transcriptions are not just used once and then thrown away. These records are usually kept for the patient’s entire life and are used over and over again. This means that even if errors in the medical transcription didn’t have any impact on the treatment or general health of the patient now, they could later on when these records are used to provide a history of the patient’s physical health.

When these notes are used to provide the medical history of a patient, it means that the doctor will only that to work with, seeing that he can’t go back in time to gather information about the condition in the past. So to ensure accurate treatment in the future, these records have to be 100% accurate.

  1. Sharing Notes

Patients often have more than one doctor checking up on their progress and also nurses and other healthcare providers taking care of them. Errors in medical transcription could lead to misinterpretations by other doctors who use the notes.

  1. Accurate Billing

This might not be life threatening but it is nevertheless important. Administrative officers usually use the medical transcriptions to create the bills. With incorrect information about procedures or treatments that have been done, patients could end up paying more (or less) than what they are supposed to.

  1. Medical Insurance Claims

Doctors’ notes of patients’ medical records are often the only thing insurance companies base payments of claims on. If incorrect details are provided in the medical transcription, the patient might not be able to claim the costs from their insurance company.

Professional Medical Transcriptionist

Because of all these consequences of incorrect medical transcriptions, it is required by law to maintain accurate medical records (thus accurate transcriptions).

At Flaming Fingers, we realise the seriousness of creating medical transcriptions which is why we are devoted to providing accurate work, which doctors and professionals from other industries have been trusting for years. If you are in need of a medical transcriptionist, contact us for expert service.

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