How to Record and Transcribe Your Next Business Conference

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How to Record and Transcribe Your Next Business Conference


Business professionals spend a good amount of time writing down notes during business conferences. However, without knowing how to properly record and transcribe the conference, they miss key points. Adopting new exciting technologies and services are necessary for today’s cutting edge business environment. What are some popular options for transcribing your next business conference?

A Professional Service

A professional transcription professional provides high-quality service for your business. They transcribe your meetings impeccably. Simple and easy, the professional service will provide you with a quality document with an accurate transcription. It doesn’t matter if the conference is for a catering company or a tech start-up. Trust a professional to do what it takes to get you the highest quality transcription.

Recording Your Meeting

You can record your meeting yourself using a variety of apps or a microphone set-up. If you have a video conference, there is often an option to record a screen capture of the meeting. When you are done with the recording, send it to a professional transcription service for the full transcription. Before recording your conference, be sure to speak with your transcriber about capturing the highest quality audio. The better the audio, the easier the transcription.

Phone Calls

Maybe you don’t have an in-person meeting. Instead, you might have a phone meeting. Choose programs like Zoom or GoToMeeting and record the meeting. Send the resultant video conference video to a transcription specialist. They will transcribe the recording. The transcription will be delivered to you via online file transfer programs. Always make sure that your recording is clean. This means that the speaker audio is loud and there is little background noise. Speak with our transcription professionals today about our excellent services.


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