French Transcription Services

French is one of the most widely spoken languages in the Western world. More than 100 million Europeans speak French as their primary or secondary language, as do nearly 40% of Canadians. Large Francophone communities still exist in Africa and Southeast Asia and there are many areas in the Northeastern and Southern US where French is still heard regularly. Anyone serious about doing business in Canada – especially in French-speaking Quebec – will no doubt find themselves needing French transcription services on a regular basis.

Flaming Fingers French Transcription Services

No one is better qualified or positioned to fulfill your French transcription needs than Flaming Fingers. Every day our talented and dedicated language professionals help level the playing field for an array of companies and institutions including:

  • Government agencies
  • Financial companies
  • Education institutions
  • TV production companies
  • Video production companies
  • Radio stations
  • Research facilities
  • Law firms
  • and more

At Flaming Fingers we offer French transcription services to a host of Canadian and international clients. We bring the same level of care to our French transcription services that we bring to all our other transcription and word processing services and as such we have achieved a remarkable level of trust with our clients through the quality of our work and the dependability of our service.

While transcription is often thought of as little more than the worst kind of rote work, the fact is accurate transcription is an integral component of today’s interconnected global economy. A good many Fortune 500 companies would grind to a halt without accurate, timely transcription services. And when it comes to legal, market research or surveillance transcription, the need for skilled, dedicated transcriptionists is even more apparent.

We have transcribed thousands of hours of French language audio and video for our clients and our outstanding level of customer retention is a direct result of the care we take with every job. We understand that every client is different, with varying time considerations and expectations, and we handle each job on its own merits, not according to some stock formula that disregards the customer.

So don’t enlist inexperienced or unqualified companies to handle your important French transcription work. Trust the talented linguists at Flaming Fingers French transcription services instead. We’ll help you streamline your workflow and achieve your business goals while making the world a little easier to understand.