Audio Transcription Services in Toronto (Canada)

Audio transcription services are vitally important to a wide range of businesses today. Timely written records of meetings, presentations, legal proceedings, important conversations and more allow businesses to protect their interests and avoid costly litigation. Audio transcription can also allow you to distribute copies of important proceedings to members of your staff for careful analysis and to be sure that subsequent communications proceed on a firm factual footing. But while audio transcription is a crucial part of today’s business landscape many businesses in Canada do not require the services of a full-time employee to handle transcription. That is where we come in. We’re Flaming Fingers.

Flaming Fingers Audio Transcription Services

Outsourcing audio transcription services to Flaming Fingers makes sense for a variety of reasons:

  • Rapid Turnaround – We like to work fast. It’s in our best interest to do so. Big or small, know that we’ll do our best to turn your work around as fast as possible. We have never not met a deadline!
  • Financial Savings – Outsourcing is typically far more cost-effective than having permanent staff handle transcription.
  • Dependability – You can be confident that the transcription you receive from Toronto-based Flaming Fingers audio transcription services will be accurate, which is not always the case when outsourcing to other countries.
  • Clear Backlogs – If your business is buckling under the weight of your unfinished transcription work we can help you clear the backlog and bring your office up-to-date in no time.
  • Expert Knowledge – Regardless of the field involved our highly experienced audio transcription specialists are well versed in many fields and if we don’t know the term, we’ll do our best to find out what it is so that your transcripts aren’t filled with “inaudible” notations.
  • Professional Presentation – The transcripts you receive will look professional. We’ll format them however you wish but if you have no format in mind, we’ll still give you a document that’s easy to read and looks great.
  • Flexibility – You won’t need to search for an appropriate platform for your audio. We can transcribe many different formats, and if your files are in a format we can’t transcribe, we can get it into a format we can transcribe.
  • Free Up Your Business – When you enlist Flaming Fingers to handle your audio transcription needs you free up office hardware and personnel to do the jobs they were originally meant to do. You also save on software updates and lighten the load on your IT department.

If you have ever spent time worrying about who will handle your company’s audio transcription work and why you’re paying your highly skilled office staff to handle such a repetitive job, then you need first-rate audio transcription services. You need Flaming Fingers. Our top-flight managers oversee every aspect of every job to ensure the transcriptions you receive are professionally presented and factually accurate.

Mitigate Outsourcing Risks With Flaming Fingers

Outsourcing your audio transcription work to offshore companies carries with it risks beyond the simple language challenges and uncertainty over the transcriber’s qualifications including:

  • Confidentiality Leaks – If your transcription project is medically or legally sensitive you run the risk of having the confidentiality of the client compromised by transcribers who operate in countries where such concepts are unimportant or unfamiliar. For this reason, many law firms and medical institutions are understandably hesitant about outsourcing their transcription work to offshore companies. This is never an issue when you hire Flaming Fingers.
  • Delays – When outsourcing audio transcription services to distant lands you run the risk of delays. Ironically, most delays will occur if there is a rush on a project as the transcriber, feeling the deadline pressure and perhaps not terribly fluent in the language, will make mistakes that require time-consuming revisions.

Avoid the pitfalls of offshore outsourcing by choosing Flaming Fingers audio transcription services to handle all your audio transcription work. We’re proud to call Toronto our home and proud to provide a level of speed, accuracy, accountability and customer care that our clients in Canada and elsewhere won’t find with other services. Flaming Fingers is rated as one of the best and most trustworthy transcribing companies in Toronto and throughout Canada.

Contact us to inquire about our affordable and reliable audio transcription services. We’re based out of Toronto and have served hundreds of clients throughout Canada.