A look at some of the industries that use Audio and Video transcription a lot

Transcription services in Toronto have seen long-term steady growth which shows no sign of slowing down. Even in times of economic stress, these services remain popular, as they provide accurate and time-saving solutions to those who need to use their time in other ways. For most businesses and organizations, it makes no sense to spend time transcribing their own meetings and discussions, when for an affordable price they can have it done quickly and accurately by a professional. This applies across the board – from small businesses and self-employed people, right up to the biggest corporations and government organizations.

Which Industries Rely the Most on Transcription Services in Toronto?

As mentioned, transcription services in Toronto are used by a wide cross-section of our city’s businesses and organizations. Some of these firms might only make use of these services once or twice a year, whereas others send large amounts of work to be processed on a daily basis. For certain industries, transcription has become such an important cog in the machine that it has become hard to imagine how they would continue to function without it – not without significant problems and disruption, one imagines. Among those industries most reliant on transcription services in Toronto are:

Law firms – Unsurprisingly, law firms rely a lot on transcription. Countless conversations – on the telephone, in meetings, recorded on camera, and so on – need to be transcribed accurately and presented professionally. These documents may be used in court and as the basis of contracts and other legal documents, so there is no room for error. Automated transcription software cannot provide the level of quality required by law firms, and so they rely heavily on professional services.

City and Government agencies – The government, as a whole, has found that it is cheaper and more efficient to outsource transcription work. As with law firms, they have a high volume of work which needs to be transcribed accurately, which can also be of a sensitive nature. Professional services have the expertise to deal with specialist fields, and give a quick turnaround with accurate results.

Large corporations and multinational organizations – Large firms with a global presence, and NGOs, tend to conduct many of their meetings using videoconferencing software. These can be recorded easily and then submitted to a professional transcription firm, which can then supply them with the written transcripts of what was said.

As globalization seems to continue inexorably, and businesses try to become leaner and more efficient, it seems that transcription services will inevitably continue to grow. It’s not only large businesses and organizations making use of these services, either. Even traders such as handymen and craftsmen are finding it useful to have agreements and contracts drawn up based on the transcription of conversations – it both saves time and gives parties added security. So, it seems that transcription services will be around for many more years to come.

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