Transcription Secretary Toronto

Transcription Secretary TorontoHigh quality transcription services are vital to efficient operation of most types of business. Everyone from lawyers to physicians to state and local government agencies, NGOs, corporate executives and more rely on the services of qualified transcription secretaries to transcribe important information of into a clearly legible form for consumption by others. Transcription is in fact one of the fastest growing businesses in many parts of the world and has become the job of choice for many who desire interesting work that provides a level of autonomy.

At Flaming Fingers our transcription services are the best in the GTA and that fact is witnessed by the high percentage of customers who return to us again and again to fulfil their transcription needs. They know that when they trust a Flaming Fingers transcription secretary in Toronto with their transcription project they’ll get a perfect transcription every time with none of the head-scratching errors produced by other companies that use computer software to do the work. We understand that producing an accurate transcription often requires a human ear that is familiar with the vagaries of human speech patterns.

First Class Transcription Secretary in Toronto

Doctors, lawyers, business people and others often require transcription of sensitive information. In such cases there are two paramount concerns: accuracy and security. At Flaming Fingers our transcription secretaries are experienced, reliable and fully trained in all relevant security practices that govern the type of information they are transcribing. In some cases they may need to limit access to the transcribed information through the use of passwords or even encryption. In addition they are aware of and practice all appropriate methods that govern the disposal of the original material once the transcription is complete. Should a customer require our transcription secretary in Toronto to sign a confidentiality agreement or take an oath of some kind they will do that as well.

Medical Transcription

It’s crucial for medical professionals of every kind to maintain complete, accurate records of their work. Without such records treatment of patients becomes extremely problematic if not impossible and important research can lose its way. Keeping the medical professional’s records accurate and up to date is a responsibility we take seriously. Each Flaming Fingers transcription secretary in Toronto that is tasked with medical transcription has a full working knowledge of appropriate medical terminology, vast experience transcribing medical data and fully understands the rules governing the handling of confidential medical information.

As medical transcription is typically one of the most sensitive and difficult forms of transcription we find it particularly gratifying that so many medical professionals contract with Flaming Fingers for their transcription needs.

Trust Flaming Fingers for All Your Transcription Needs

Flaming Fingers is regularly rated as one of the best transcription companies in the Greater Toronto Area. We serve both a local and national client base with our audio and video transcription, dicta typing, word processing, proofreading and formatting services, which we offer in both English and French. Give us a call on (416) 481-5602 to find out more.