How a Good Legal Transcription Service Can Actually Save You Money

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May 2, 2017
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How a Good Legal Transcription Service Can Actually Save You Money

Accurate legal transcriptions play a crucial part in working on a case. To get this done in a way that would be beneficial to your case, you need experts to provide you with quality transcriptions. But the word “expert” often implies “expensive”. Outsourcing your legal transcription needs is one way to save you money while getting quality work. Here is how that is possible.

  1. Pay only for the service

To do any type of transcription work, proper equipment and software are needed to be able to deliver accurate and professional services. If you decide to hire an in-house legal transcriber you would have to cover the costs for not only the equipment but also for general employee benefits such as training, insurance, and so on. Choosing to outsource this would mean you only pay for the service and not everything else that goes with completing the task.

  1. Save time, save money

Legal companies who choose to hire an in-house legal transcriber find that hiring only one is more feasible than getting a whole department set up for this. But having only one transcriber could slow down the process. If you outsource your legal transcriptions to a company, you have access to more than one transcriber meaning that you can have more than one case transcribed at a time. And after all, time is money.

  1. Focus on the core business

Legal transcription companies are experts in their field because they work with this on a daily basis. Choosing to do this kind of work in-house could end up taking you twice as long as it would’ve taken an expert who specialises in this. Outsourcing this service allows lawyers to focus on other important aspects without having to worry about spending hours on listening and writing out court records. Once again, saving time means you’re saving money.

  1. Quality assured

Professional legal transcription companies are qualified to provide the service and therefore errors are unlikely. With months’ or years’ worth of experience, these professionals have trained ears when it comes to listening to recordings, and they are able to adjust the type/format of transcription to your needs. If you try to save money by using someone in-house you might end up having a professional to redo the work, and you will get stuck by having to pay two bills for one task.

  1. Confidentiality

It might seem more dangerous to outsource confidential legal transcriptions to a third party, but as a matter of fact, it is usually safer. It could happen that an in-house transcriber is too involved in some ways to do an accurate transcription of legal records and confidentiality breaches could leave you with a lawsuit. Whereas third party transcription companies are unbiased.

Outsourcing Legal Transcription

Using a company such as Flaming Fingers to do your legal transcriptions for you, holds many advantages. It would save you a lot of time and money all while being accurate. We provide a convenient service and live up to all these advantages. If you require any legal transcription work, contact us to discuss how we can assist you.

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