Dicta Typing in Toronto (Canada)

Dicta Typing in Toronto

The whole idea of dictation can sometimes seem very mid-20th century, conjuring images of pipe-smoking executives tilting back in their leather chairs, staring off into space and talking off the top of their head to a secretary who’s jotting everything down in shorthand and quietly wondering how to spell “obfuscation.” Thankfully those days have passed under the bridge and dictation today means dicta typists working almost exclusively from pre-recorded audio.

While aspects of the process have changed in the past half century, just what dicta typing is hasn’t. Dictation typing remains the process of typing a document from words dictated by a single individual. This differentiates it from copy typing which is, literally, copying an existing document or a handwritten document or notes. It also differentiates it from audio transcription which can include the voices of several people often talking over each other.

Why Choose Flaming Finger Dicta Typing Services?

At Flaming Fingers we’re old fashioned in that we sincerely believe in the value of quality work and strive to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations on a regular basis. Our commitment to client satisfaction is engrained in every aspect of our approach and is the reason so many of our customers won’t let anyone else handle their typing and transcription services. You can count on our:

  • Reliability – While Flaming Fingers proudly calls Toronto home, many other companies are based in distant countries and you have little choice but to hope their dicta typists are conversant or better in English. Even if they are, what often happens is that the vagaries of different North American and European dialects, accents and idiomatic expressions cause things to get lost in translation resulting in a low-quality finished product.
  • Confidentiality – Every one of our dicta typists must sign an NDA agreeing to keep whatever they hear and see to themselves. We take enforcement of this important tool seriously and would never abide a breach of your confidential information for any reason.
  • Absolute Focus – Often discount dicta typing services in far away countries are swamped with work from customers hoping to save big. As a result quality can suffer and delays become part of their SOP. At Flaming Fingers we never overbook, make empty promises or take the focus off the job at hand.
  • Personal Tailored Service – We’re a small business. We’re friendly and we care! Most often when you call us, you’ll get a human being that answers. We’re happy to chat with you about how your day is going, the weather, road repair, anything under the sun, moon and stars, and of course your work. So that we really understand what it is you want, we’ll ask several questions. This way you’ll get exactly what you’re looking for.

Our dicta typing service for businesses and institutions frees you and your staff from the drudgery of time-consuming tasks that, while important, are more effectively outsourced. Our reliable and experienced team get the work done quickly and affordably so you can focus your efforts on bigger things. These types of organizations have outsourced their dicta typing to Flaming Fingers:

  • Private investigators
  • Writers
  • Medical institutions
  • Research facilities
  • Financial services companies
  • Government agencies
  • Market researchers
  • Entrepreneurs

Dicta typing allows you to store your vital information in searchable formats for later retrieval. This allows for a level of cross-referencing and ease of access not available with audio files. Though dicta typing is not a complicated process we understand that it is an important one and so our dicta typists always make certain to transcribe the source material with the highest possible degree of accuracy. After all, accurate information is the engine that drives the 21st century economy in Toronto and beyond. Shouldn’t you trust your dictation typing to a company that will do the job right?

Fingers is rated as one of the best and most trusthworthy transcribing companies in Toronto and throughout Canada.

Contact us today to inquire about our dicta typing services. We’re based out of Toronto and have served hundreds of clients throughout Canada.